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Witherby Publishing Group Ltd
Witherby Publishing Group Ltd

Страна:United Kingdom, Город: Edinburgh, Адрес: 27 Stafford Street, Edinburgh EH3 7BJ United Kingdom

Телефон: +44 (0) 1506 463 227, Факс: +44 (0) 1506 463 227


Witherbys Today Witherby Publishing Group Ltd is a relatively new company established in January 2008 through the merger of two companies. The merge put together 'Seamanship International' a dynamic young company with ambitious growth plans with ‘Witherbys Publishing’ one that has a long established position in similar markets. Since 2008, Witherby Publishing Group has been based entirely in Livingston and will continue to be run there by Iain Macneil and Kat Heathcote. Iain is an ex-mariner who set up Seamanship International to design and develop training and reference materials for the shipping industry. Kat, who is married to Iain and who has a background in the energy business, including with BP and Wood McKenzie, joined the company in 2004. The new company now has a portfolio of over 600 specialist titles in shipping, insurance and energy sectors, growing at around 3 titles a month. Their books, training manuals and CD ROMs are exported to more than 110 countries around the world each year. More recently the company has expanded its range of publications into non-marine areas of insurance and has increased its marine portfolio through a new focus on Shipping Business. This has created a need to form three separate trading divisions: Witherby Seamanship International, Witherby Insurance & Legal and Witherby Shipping Business, all contained within the umbrella of the Witherby Publishing Group. Since the merge WPG has expanded their employee team and their facilities in Livingston, Scotland and Delhi, India to ensure that they can keep up with market demand and as importantly, the customer’s demands.

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